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General Tso's ChickenBoneless chicken chunks, marinated and fried until crispy along with sautéed scorched red peppers in our chef's special sweet sauce.$13.95
General Tso's Shrimp$14.95
Beef and ScallopsTender scallops and savory flank steak sautéed with fresh vegetables in brown sauce.$15.45
Royal DelightFresh jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef sautéed with Chinese vegetables in our chef's brown sauce.$14.25
Orange-Flavored BeefExpertly seared chunks of crisp steak cooked with dried orange peel in a wonderful Szechwan sauce.$14.75
Orange Flavored Chicken$13.95
Orange Flavored Shrimp$14.95
Sesame ChickenTender chicken, stir fried in our brown sauce & sprinkled with sesame seeds, fresh steamed broccoli on the side.$13.95
Happy FamilyFresh scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, beef and roast pork sautéed with assorted vegetables in a rich brown sauce.$15.45
Seafood DelightA wonderful combination of fresh seafood sautéed with crispy vegetables in an excellent white sauce.$15.95
Sesame BeefSliced beef sautéed in our brown sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds.$14.75
Three's CompanyA combination of lemon chicken, General Tso's Chicken and snow peas chicken.$16.95
Kung Po CombinationFresh scallops, shrimp, beef and chicken sautéed with crispy vegetables & peanuts in hot & spicy Kung Po Sauce.$15.95
Seafood Pan Fried NoodleCrispy pan fried noodle with fresh seafood and a selection of vegetables.$15.95
International ChickenSliced white meat chicken with snow peas, water chestnuts & carrots in a flavorful spicy garlic sauce.$12.95
Good FortuneLightly breaded shrimp & chicken stir fried with red bell peppers, carrots, snow peas & waterchestnuts with a sweet white sauce.$13.75
Amazing ChickenJust like the name this "amazing" meal is breaded pieces of white meat chicken with sweet & spicy garlic sauce.$14.45
Perfect CoupleTender chunks of lobster tail, shrimp and sliced chicken sautéed with fresh vegetables in special brown sauce.$15.45
Triple Delight w/Garlic SauceFresh scallops, shrimp and chicken sautéed with vegetables in a garlic sauce.$15.45
Happy BuddhaThree vegetarian specials in one. A combination of sautéed green bean, Buddhist delight & Buddhist medley with tofu.$12.75
Chili ShrimpShrimp deep fried with the gentlest touch of red chili sauce, sprinkled with green onions to enhance the flavor.$14.95
Walnut ChickenDelicious chicken breaded lightly and sautéed and sweet sauce with walnuts.$14.45
Lobster and BeefChunks of lobster meat & beef sautéed with red pepper, black mushroom, baby corn & broccoli in garlic sauce.$15.95
Palace DragonSliced chicken, shrimp, beef & roasted pork sautéed with assorted vegetables in our chef's garlic sauce.$15.45
Lobster Tail SpecialChucks of marinated lobster tail stir fried with your choice of sauce.$22.50
Sesame Triple DelightA combination of sesame beef, sesame chicken and sesame scallops.$15.45
House Special DuckHalf boneless duck with mixed Chinese vegetables on top in brown sauce.$14.95
Ginger ShrimpCrispy stir fried shrimp with a spicy ginger garlic flavor (Our Chef's #1 Choice)$17.25
Ginger Green Bean & ChickenSliced chicken & fresh green beans, stir fried in a tasty blend of garlic & ginger.$13.95
Tango BeefThis fun flavorful dish has sliced flank steak mushrooms & pineapple sautéed in a spicy brown sauce.$15.45
Premium SalmonChoose from 3 different styles: Spicy Hunan, Amazing with vegetables, Ginger with Green Beans$15.95
Jade's LuckFresh cut zucchini spears, assorted Chinese vegetables, chicken, shrimp and beef in a rich brown sauce.$15.25